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03 Mar

About 25% of the site has been excavated, revealing structures of different types: residential, public, commercial, religious and military.They testify to the importance of the site, a trading port, over the centuries.

1 and the 25 km King Fahd Causeway which links Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.One Egyptian scroll (Louvre Leather Roll 1274) reports that tallies mans join free dating website bricks made by slaves were in fact recorded at this time.Unfortunately, the i Pad does not have a place to attach either a USB cable or a pair of MIDI cables. Conservators have special training in preserving and restoring artifacts dating agency czech republic they are not destroyed when exposed to air and light.La stratigraphie du tell de 300 m sur 600 atteste d’une présence humaine constante depuis environ 2300 av. Elles témoignent de l’importance du lieu, un port marchand, à travers les siècles.Au sommet de la colline de 12 m de hauteur se trouve un impressionnant fort portugais qui a donné son nom à l’ensemble du site (qal’a signifie fort).