Updating public folder takes 90 cpu

21 Mar

Also the the cpu usage is high, 90% (worker process from the public folder, already identified the the database).

The cpu has 4 cores and 16GB ram for 200 mailboxes.

linkid=34707.] The Microsoft® Exchange Server Analyzer Tool has identified that your server is experiencing a CPU bottleneck.

Your server's CPU utilization has exceeded a recommended threshold.

With the announcement of i OS 5.0 on June 6, 2011, a USB connection to i Tunes was no longer needed to activate i OS devices; data synchronization can happen automatically and wirelessly through Apple's i Cloud service.

The indexing time should already be over so that can't be the problem.

Are there ways or tools to examine the high cpu usage for the public folder database?

It's number was in the 50's while the second process on the list was in single digits.

(By the way, I found Symdaemon by clicking on the title of the CP column, which sorts it by size, since it was the top of the list.) It may be a problem only when my Mini's 1-Mb real memory is full so it needs to do a low of swapping with virtual memory and then runs incredibly slow.