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British banks were also expanding overseas, London was the world centre for insurance and commodity markets and British capital was the leading source of foreign investment around the world; sterling soon became the standard currency used for international commercial transactions.[5] For example, suppose an American company sells electrical equipment to a buyer in France for one million euros.

The equipment is to be delivered 90 days before the payment is made.

If she told anyone she may lose her position and then where would she be? Anthony Strallan to dinner as a potential husband for Lady Mary, and to further entice him (the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach) asked Mrs.

Embarrased that she was unable to read the receipt (recipe) Cora presented, she protested that the provisions of the dessert for that evening had already been arranged.

In addition, the Danish circuses for the third year in row had competition from DR television’s Big Band’s and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation’s Circus Summarum where many of the familiar characters from DR televisions children universe met in the circus ring, but where the performance completely lacked real circus elements.

Partly due to intensive advertising in the DR television's children's programs 77,500 persons visited one of the Circus Summarum’s performances.

Unlike other art forms the Danish circuses does not get any sort of public subsidy.

The only circus form, which received support from the Ministry of Culture, is the so-called new circus (contemporary circuses). The second rainiest summer since DMI meteorologist in 1874 began to collect rainfall measurements.