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03 Mar

In the centre of Oxford, the choirboys at The Christ Church Cathedral School are enjoying a recent spruce up of their 19th-century digs.

Alongside 'light and airy' accommodation, their bathrooms boast gold taps, there are pinboards above each bed and black-out blinds instead of fusty curtains.

'They swore and belched their way through hotel meals and took as much of the free food back to their rooms as they could.' Holiday expert Gary Hewitt, who runs Real Holiday Reports website, said a 'flood' of UK holiday-makers had complained about the behaviour of Russian tourists his summer.'To be honest, when we started the poll we expected the normal complaints about German tourists hogging the sunloungers - the same old stories.

'But to our surprise we've been flooded with complaints about Russians on holiday.'People have commented that they are rude, flash their cash around and think they own the place.'Mr Hewitt, who set up the holiday advice website eight years ago, added: 'With many Russians going abroad for the first time since the country started becoming rich, they do not know how to behave and are known as arrogant, rude and greedy.'Russians are the 'New Germans' only they wear dodgy clothes, especially the men, who always seem to have a wife or girlfriend 20 years younger then them.' The poll, entitled 'Who do you not get on with on holiday', has had more than 1,000 hits so far - and the Russians are currently top of the leaderboard with more than a third of the votes.

At least half of the girls at this Gloucestershire retreat board..any wonder when it feels like stepping into your own personal palace.

Older students at the school can take a juice in the bar..there's a newly installed yoga room for when the academia gets too much.

She is a beautiful 18 year old who looks just as her mother did when she was her age. I knew it was wrong but I couldnt sop myself from agreeing. I pulled it out of my suddenly tight pants as Cheryll lifted her self a little at a time, allowing herself to adjust to Chasers invasion until she was fully on her knees before him.

There's a 16th-century stone fireplace with Roman soldiers carved into the frieze in the former Billiards room and a menu that includes such delights as salmon with herb crust, new potatoes and salad..very might expect for £7,050 a term.“I’m not star-struck by many people and I don’t hero-worship anyone, but she was lovely.” But not surprisingly for a group who were famously described by David Bowie in 1979 as “the sound of the future”, and indeed the group was once called The Future, The Human League have never been about resting on their laurels or relying on past glories to see them through.Which is why, in March 2011, they will be releasing Credo, their 9th studio album, as brilliant a distillation of their ideas about pop and dancing, glamour and electronics, as anything they have ever done.The Russians are now considered the most unpleasant holidaymakers in the world, a survey revealed yesterday.They won first place thanks to their appalling taste in fashion, terrible table manners, and – worst of all – habit of hiding sunloungers in their rooms overnight to ensure a spot at the pool.