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22 Feb

I was depressed, I felt disgusting, I felt like disappearing off the face of the earth .

For me , being diagnosed was the most mind blowing & terrifying thing I've ever had to deal with .

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It’s not the greatest feeling ever, after all, to realize that there’s some weird little virus living inside of you that has no intention to ever leave.And when you’re not suffering from an outbreak, the chances of spreading the virus are extremely low. Folks like to make fun of others who have herpes, but you know what?Many of those same people probably have herpes and don’t even know it!It’s a very common infection, and the only reason that people may even realize that it’s there is if they have an outbreak.If they never have an outbreak, they may go their whole lives never knowing that the herpes virus was lurking around their nether bits. When viewed through this lens, things may not seem as bad.