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22 Mar

Review Webcam Max is the best solution, in my opinion, if you're looking to add pictures, videos and effects to any virtual or real webcams and then broadcast them on almost all the popular messengers.

I'm Ñ•ending it to several buddies ans aÉ—ditionally sharing in delicious.

I apologize if this was not clearly outlined, and as you can see the reasoning was designed for a better customer experience overall. Otherwise we would have to look for another provider.

As a software developer I think it can't be difficult to serv the option "lower resolution but more webcampictures". We have evaluated different solutions but in our business were large changes by law which have made a lot of development work for us, so this have get a lower priority for us.

Our favorit last year was screenconnect (self hosted)We still are using Go To Meeting but will switch once we find one that supports more users - or at least one that shows the last "x" number of people who have spoken.

What we spend on Go To XXX products is very high, and this type of issue not be handled by Citrix is disappointing.

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Also good to meet Ian Coxon, a very switched on finance person who has arrived from RDSH/BG who will be dealing with all things financial....comes from the big corporate O&G world & sounds very dynamic.

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Also, Adobe Connect remembers this setting, irrespective of the Adobe Flash Player settings on the local machine.

Adobe Connect 9.6 onwards, you can share and consume HD (720p) live video feed.