Bridget moynahan dating mcg

13 May

Reviews have been mixed, with reaction ranging from “ambitious” and “moving” to “pretentious, with a wholly unnecessary voiceover”.The romantic plot is less significant than the trailer would have you believe.Moynahan had famously dated New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for two years but broke up in late 2006 soon after she became pregnant.Despite reports of them having an acrimonious relationship it was revealed that they now have a civil relationship for the sake of their son.Actress Bridget Moynahan has struck up a new Hollywood romance after reportedly finding love with director Mc G.The I, Robot star has previously dated screenwriter Scott Rosenberg and has a three-year-old son with football God Tom Brady, born after they split and he had become involved with his now-wife Gisele Bundchen.She's filming the show Blue Bloods in NYC, and he's based in LA, but they fly back and forth.

Moynahan made her television debut in a guest appearance in the comedy series Sex and the City in 1999, where she later had a recurring role as Natasha.Bridget, who first made her name as Mr Big's wife Natasha in the Sex and the City TV series has talked about being 'heartbroken and pregnant' and found it scary in the early days of raising her son alone. She graduated from Longmeadow High School, in Massachusetts, in 1989, and began pursuing a career in modeling.This plot has similarities to The Notebook, which also starred Mc Adams, and that’s no accident given how popular it is. Early critics’ screenings produced a so-so reaction.Perfect Sense Starring: Ewan Mc Gregor, Eva Green, Connie Nielsen, Stephen Dillane Director: David Mackenzie Out: 10th February 2012 Bleak Glasgow-set romantic drama about a chef (Mc Gregor) and a scientist (Green) who fall in love as an inexplicable epidemic robs people of their senses one by one.