Japanese compensated dating

15 Mar

Here girls can set up an answer-phone (for free) through some shady "make dates here" company, for men to call/text (at expense) and ask for a date.

If they like the sound of the guy and the deal, they can call them back and arrange a time and place. After life as a highschool dial-a-date, several girls have confessed to having gone on to be contract lovers for reams of men.

*Although these figures were accurate for decades past, in the more recent video below you can see a suspect arrested and facing much heavier fines along with jail time for associating with a junior high school student.

Compensated dating in Japan was widespread among high school girls during the 1990s.There's also a decent yet tragically short BBC documentary about the Japanese Sex Scene, cleverly called Sex in Japan, which floats around on the internet. Along with a mild clampdown on child porn, laws introduced in 1999 sought to punish those paying for sex with under 18s. I even read a second-hand report of a doctor having all serious prosecution waved because he was important to his community.It seems like these Japanese school-girls' desire for bling and the hi-tech doesn't materialise itself in begging their fathers or getting a part-time job (the latter appears in low-regard), but rather seeking out a more immediately profitable sideline. A simple karaoke trip reportedly pays around 10,000yen for 2-3 hours, while a girl willing to add sex to the deal can expect to get around four times that, according to one source. It seems the fine was pretty low anyway - around 40,000 yen* according to several sources.People also regarded this phenomenon as a youth subculture.Interest in dealing with this issue began around 2000 and the government began to take an active role in dealing with it.