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02 Mar

star got a chance to speak with soccer player — and major heartthrob! He apparently made a very good impression on the star, because the conversation led Kim to see the athlete in a different light, according to a new report.MORE: Kylie Jenner Announces "Kyshadow" Eye Makeup Palette "Kim was blown away by how well-mannered and sweet Cristiano was at the J. “She thinks he’s an absolute doll, not to mention incredibly handsome and charming."I think I'm such a relationship kind of girl for years, I think it would be really refreshing and I'm having a good time being single," Kardashian said."According to the US media, I'm kissing a lot of people.

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A different source says the couple left in separate cars but then went back to Ronaldo's mansion, where Kim spent several hours.Turns out the two knew each other before they hung out in Spain...This source further tells us that the couple first met last year at an event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and when she became single last month, they reconnected.He went on to enjoy a brief liaison the same year with Kim's former friend Paris Hilton after meeting her at a Hollywood nightclub.Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo's hot hookup has just been upgraded to a real romance.