Network share permission not updating

29 Jan

AFTER you enable Advanced Folder Permissions you can configure different permissions for each subfolder.

Note: You can configure file-level permissions by logging in Web File Manager.

It is also important to determine, as accurately as possible, when the issue began and whether any changes were made around that time.

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If you're setting up sharing for your family members, for example, you can allow access to everyone, or just specific users.

The first step in addressing the issue should be to determine its extent.

If only one machine or user account is unable to access a share, there is more likely to be a problem with that specific machine or user account rather than the server hosting the share.

Microsoft offers a fix for this; if you change your network to “private” or “enterprise”, it should start working again.

It seems that the cause of this hiccup is a fix that Microsoft made earlier in September to address a security hole severe enough that it might allow remote code execution with elevated permissions on an affected system, although this would require an attacker to create a specially crafted request.