Canadian dating abroad

23 May

Spanish singles have found that when it comes to online dating, they are much more likely to find a compatible partner through the science and experience of e Harmony's international online dating service.

More that 3 million singles in Spain have already found their ideal partner online, and the number is climbing.

Here is helpful information on health and safety, travel documents, Canada-U.

S border wait times, travelling with children and more.

Most of them are in the United States; the rest are in prisons in more than 85 other countries.

The criminal justice system in many countries is different from that in Canada, and a Canadian may be at a disadvantage because of unfamiliarity with the local judicial system, culture, and language.

This philosophy is a key driver for our international expansion, and over the past several years, we've made significant headway, launching e Harmony sites in the U. And now, e Harmony is able to match you with fellow singles in countries such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland and more. Looking for someone to snuggle up with during that long Canadian winter? e Harmony is thriving with Canadian singles looking for same thing - from Toronto to Vancouver, and every place in between.

e Harmony is experiencing significant growth in Australia, as single Aussies are more and more likely to look online to find that special someone.

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The family and friends of a Canadian detained or imprisoned in a foreign country often carry a considerable financial and emotional burden over an extended period.

This booklet provides information to help you, your family, and friends benefit from the assistance provided by the Government of Canada to Canadians imprisoned abroad.