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26 Jan

There are few girls out there as sexy and fun as Megan Fox.

Isn't it beautiful how many people saw the silver lining of what could have been just the latest gloomy moment for celebrity couples this summer? (Truly, though, the teenage-caliber level of optimism is staggering.)First of all, the mother of two young sons probably doesn't even plan on going outside—let alone date, mingle or Tinder—for the time being while she allows the hubbub to die down. In fact, we'll help get the word out that there are a number of gentleman, and a few ladies, who would love to be there for the 29-year-old actress in this difficult time. Thanks to her surging popularity in the late 2000s, media outlets had a coverage battle over Megan, with several websites boycotting showing images or writing articles about her under the promise of “A Day Without Megan Fox” and others giving her even more play as a result.After her transition from blow-‘em-up action flicks to more domestic, comedic fare, it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll see her in next—and it sounds like it might even surprise Megan herself, as she leaves the door open to both. I still like the run-and-gun action movies and how truly dangerous it can be to make these films.” Megan is married to actor Brian Austin, who she’s been in a relationship with since they met on the set of the sitcom when she was 18.While there are many sexy Megan Fox photos, these are the hottest around.Want to see more sexy photos of hot near-nude celebrities and stars?