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29 Apr

However, as her settlement is now tied up in the 40-year-old's bankruptcy case, Leviston is questioning what appears to be exorbitant 'expenses' that the lawyers for the 21 Questions hitmaker are seeking for representing him - to the tune of 3,455.92, The New York Daily News reported.'Ms.Leviston's attorneys stayed in a New York City hotel for the same trial as the Brewer Firm's attorneys and expended 9 to 0 per night per room,' her filing in U. Bankruptcy Court in Hartford states, according to The Daily News.It takes you back to a time where I was just having fun with the music, when I was oblivious to all politics of it all.It takes me to that time because in essence, I’m not making this record right now to be recognized as a new artist, I’m making this album to be more of a statement album.(Some rides require two tickets.50 Cent has been presented with a personalised replica shirt by members of Monaco's squad as they celebrated finishing the season as Ligue 1 champions.The rapper was spotted posing with the Ligue 1 trophy and receiving a home shirt with real name 'Curtis ...What can we expect from the new album, what point of view is it written from? I’ve always been honest with music; my music has always spoken for who I am.But with this album it’s more personal, there’s a lot of questions that I think the public wanted to ask me, and there’s a lot of questions that they wanted answers for, so I took this album to use it as a forum to do that. Ja Rule: This album definitely reflects my whole career.

The hip-hop veteran has treated fans to a throwback pic of himself.

I had freedom to write about all kinds of topics, and really dive into different areas of my life, like from the beginning, the Venni Vetti Vecci era, the Pain is Love era, when I felt that I went through all the struggles and the pain from my peers and the people around me to accept me to give me that love, right into what I call “the mirror effect,” which is this album and what I feel I’m going through right now.

It’s that mirror effect when you get to the pain, when you go through all the pain and the struggle to get to that love, that part of that love, brings you right back to the pain.

While he was on the air, he told host Angie Martinez that if he loses to Kanye in the first week, he's going to war.

Analysts at Bank of America have reportedly suggested there is a 20 to 50 per cent chance our world is a Matrix-style virtual reality and everything we experience is just a simulation.