Tara lipinski dating

22 Mar

For those outta the loop, Bumble's a dating app that's pretty much the same as Tinder.

The Olympic skater was in Chicago this weekend when his Bumble profile popped up for locals.Weir has received the lion’s share of attention for his fabulous outfits—the other day he wore a T-shirt made completely of lace—but he and Lipinski have been assiduously coordinated.They arrived to the men’s free skate on Friday dressed as the “glimmer twins.” (Johnny glimmered more.) On Tuesday, Weir was all over the Internet in a hot pink blazer and button-down white shirt, with a huge gold brooch at the collar.Tara Lipinski wants fellow figure skater Johnny Weir to join her wedding party.On Monday, Weir, 32, shared the exciting news that Lipinski, 34, tapped him to be her “bridesman.” “When @Tara Lipinski asks you to be her bridesman, you say yes,” Weir shared on Instagram.