Blue collar vs white collar dating

19 May

However, my then bf J (now ex bf but we do plan on getting back together; it's a complicated issue that's keeping us apart; something out of our control but won't go into details) never went to college and is still afraid of driving but he is a supervisor at a supermarket.

If I were inclined to listen to conventional wisdom, I would be forced to conclude that I’m doing terribly in the mating market.

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In 2016, we still value a college degree above a trade school graduate, and we’re not even subtle about it.I'm currently slightly more than half of my major (tourism, culinary arts & business administration) and will be finishing it by 2015.Afterward, I will resume my first former major, which was psychology and finish the 2 remaining years.Today, when white-collared women enter into relationships with blue-collared men, they are not merely dating – they are “dating down.” I can only speak for myself, but if were a college-educated woman, happily married to a skilled tradesmen, I might resent the suggestion that I had run out of better options.And if I were a plumber or an electrician, I might read this headline and got hot under my blue collar.