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26 May

'Nothing satisfies me more than hitting something new,' he wrote in a post to his favourite bodybuilding forum in June 2014.

Mr Tostee was born lucky in life, the eldest son of Gray and Helene Tostee, a wealthy couple who live inside a gated community in Carrara in the Gold Coast's canal region.

You must be in Australia when you apply and also when this visa is decided.

You lodge one application form for your temporary and permanent visas and pay one application charge.

We talk to Dr Nicola Henry about the study she co-authored on this relatively new form of abuse, and psychologist Gemma Cribb on the effects it has on us. Have you ever thought, "oh, this will do" when it comes to a partner? Is it really the best approach to search for that perfect person?

When's the best approach when settling with someone?

Perhaps someone sent one of you to their friends without your consent?

Image based abuse is rife with young people and the effects can be brutal. On the podcast we talk to psychologist and body image expert Dr Ben Buchanan, burlesque performer Mina Hyena and world-renowned author, sex educator and activist Elle Chase.

You can do just about anything online anymore, and finding true love isn't any different.

The extent of the carpet layer's sleazy proposals, cheesy pick-up lines and boastful claims are revealed in previously unseen Tinder messages obtained by Daily Mail Australia sent in the months before his fateful date with New Zealander Warriena Wright.

Gable Tostee is acquitted of murdering New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright who plunged to her death from the 14th floor balcony of his apartment on the Gold Coast in August 2014.

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