Restoring ipod touch 4g without updating abuse or intimidating behavior

09 Feb

Step 1: Connect the device to computer (the one you’ve previously synced the device to).i Tunes is going to open it automatically, and the case it doesn’t, go ahead and open it yourself.If only certain aspects of your i Pod are giving you trouble such as the applications, there are several options you can choose from when you restore your i Pod that can help you troubleshoot the issue.Follow the steps below to restore your i Pod to its factory settings or reload data onto your i Pod after a reboot.For some people, it’s even worse when they’ve enabled the Erase Data feature.This function will immediately remove everything from the device after 10 failed passcode attempts. …Or you can use a software a called Gecko i Phone Toolkit.It is now possible to unjailbreak your i Phone, i Pod Touch or i Pad, without having to restore or update its firmware.All thanks to the newly released Cydia Impactor tool from Saurik.

Follow these steps to configure or temporarily uninstall your security software. Some routers might block i Tunes from accessing the update server.This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of downloading and what to select to achieve this goal that you would like.Just make sure you are ready to clearing the device.This is a useful tool if you have made a mistake on jail breaking or for whatever reason you might have.You will have to download firmware and then attach your phone to your computer.