Updating auctioneer

16 Feb

After many successful years of using Gavel Buddy for his own auction company, he decided to make it available for other auction companies to benefit from.

Gavel Buddy currently offers multiple auction solutions for auction companies of all sizes.

A: Scanning has gotten a lot more erratic in 4.0.1 (probably as a result of the changes that now allow for streaming game data in the background).

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Gavel Buddy Standalone is a traditional application that is installed on your computer. You can network multiple machines together using a wired or wireless router to manage an auction.

Enchantrix can also automate disenchanting, milling and prospecting.

Some baseline pricing is built in, but Enchantrix also uses values from Auctioneer to provide up-to-date prices for your server/faction.

Gavel Buddy was designed by an auctioneer with a software development background to help his business save money and become more efficient.

Paper tickets were inefficient, error prone, and created additional stress on his auction staff when reconciling his buyer and seller totals.