Taeyeon dating tv sitcom about a dating service 3 words

26 May

On the 15th, insiders close to the two stars revealed that the two have decided to stop dating and just have a senior-junior relationship.The cause for their breakup was revealed to be because of their busy schedules, causing the two to drift apart.However, they’re acting as if they’ve already broken up, while many media outlets have reported about it.Well, both of them are very popular stars, and they were widely blamed for their special relationship when it was revealed that they were dating.In a deep investigation through social media Netizens have found a lot of ‘evidence’ that kind of could prove the pop stars are together.

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It has been 7 years since Taeyeon debuted as the lead vocal position in Girls’ Generation, while it has only been 2 years since Baekhyun’s debut as an EXO member. Dispatch: They first met in 2011 when Baekhyun became an SM Entertainment’s trainee.Taeyeon was like this before too with you know who", "I've been hearing rumors about them ever since Taeyeon and Baekhyun broke up.SM Entertainment's first official couple, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and EXO's Baekhyun, have ended their relationship.In March, Taeyeon secretly attended one of EXO's concert's in Seoul, showing her affection towards him.Unfortunately, the two could not make things work over their busy schedules.