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16 Apr

However, this writing concentrates on the basic application of DOM and SAX.

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JDK 5.0 also supports XSLT version 1.0, where XSL is the Extensible Stylesheet Language and T is Transformations-a language for transforming one XML document into another, or into some other textual representation such as HTML.

There are two levels of correctness for an xml file: well formed, described in Section 1.4 Well-formed XML documents and valid, described in Section 1.5 Valid XML documents.

When the sax parser is invoked it creates as instance of the class The designers of XML intended to write a clear concise specification of a structured document language.

One of the main advantages of validation is that we can combine it with standard parsers like SAX.

In this case, while handling SAX event we will not care whether the document is valid or not. And we'll receive SAX events from already validated XML content.