Who is omar sharif dating

09 Mar

Although he was certainly not lacking in self-belief, he was the first to admit that he had squandered his life and career, throwing away the early promise he showed for the easier pleasures of carousing and gambling.He and his Lawrence Of Arabia co-star, Peter O’Toole, were two of the greatest Hollywood hell-raisers of their generation.Sharif eventually gave up on acting, becoming a world-class bridge player and largely devoting his life to gambling instead.

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Omar Sharif was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on April 10, 1932.

Part of an Egyptian-Lebanese clan, he was able to attend English school, eventually learning several languages and developing a love for theater.

Over the next seven years they made more than a dozen movies together.

But the relationship fell apart in 1962 when Sharif was cast as Sherif Ali in Lawrence Of Arabia.