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"1" as well as "192"), so we can't use the mask to our advantage.

(If you don't believe me, try a Mask of "990.990.990.990" and see.) So our UI isn't as nice, but oh well. Return Value in your Type Validation Completed event handler to that same type. A bit of a cursory explanation, but you should be able to piece together the rest.

You can access the predefined mask via the Property Pane: Or directly in the designer: If you need to create you own format, please refer to the following table or go to the Mask Property MSDN Help Page for more details.

An example mask for a US phone number is a follows: (999) 000-0000 In this mask the first three digits are optional and the last seven are required.

The literature indicates that there are several methods to generate TMY data. [2002] summarised three different methods to generate TMY data. in 1977 and by Lund and Eidorff in 1981; • the Festa Ratto method in 1993; and • Sandia National Laboratory method by Hall et al. These three methods have been explained in detail in [Argiriou et al., 1999; Ecevit et al., 2002; Gazela and Mathioulakis 2001].

NET2.0)をベースに記述されています。 Visual Studio 2005にはAccessなどに搭載されているマスクつきテキストボックスの機能が搭載されています。 概論は. NET Visual Studio 2005 新クラス紹介 Masked Text Box Overview 定型入力でValidating Typeを使用するをチェックした場合に、Form Designer.csのプロパティには下記のようなソースが出力されます。 Maskの方には伝統的な0や9などを利用した特殊なフォーマット指定を行います。 独自のキーなどを利用する場合には0000-000000-0000などを指定して利用することになるでしょう。 特徴はValidating TypeでDate Timeの型自体を渡しています。 Masked Text Boxは内部で入力文字の検査を行ってくれます。 Validating Typeに値が設定されている場合には、Validating Typeに指定した型のParseメソッドを呼び出します。(この場合だとDate Time.

The parentheses are considered Literals, which means the user cannot altered them.

Resulting Masked Text Box with Phone Number Mask: Beep On Error This property indicates whether the masked text box control raises the system beep for each user key stroke that it rejects.


Therefore, this paper looks at methods of TMY data generation where long-term observed data is not available.

However, these data sets correspond to the occur- rence and persistence of the weather in all months.

The TMY provides a standard hourly data of solar radiation and other meteorological elements that permit comparison of the performance of different solar energy systems and configurations for various locations.

Most of the information about the controls is still applicable to previous versions of Primal Forms.

Mask This property sets the string governing the input for this control. Use the Mask property to limit the textbox’s input to a specific format.