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Watford City - The Mc Kenzie County Farmer Obituaries West Fargo Pioneer Obituaries Westhope Standard Obituaries Williston Herald Obituaries North Dakota Obituary Lookup Volunteers List of North Dakota Newspapers The newspaper collection has the following newspapers online along with other years of early North Dakota newspapers. Obituaries can provide a wealth of information for the genealogy researcher.

The Bismarck Tribune The Bismarck Daily Tribune The Bismarck Tribune Tri Weekly The Bismarck Weekly Tribune All U. Finding them can present a challenge in some cases.

; born October 30, 1941) is an American writer who lives in North Dakota, where he has been the state's Poet Laureate since 1995.

His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Esquire, The Atlantic Monthly, Harpers, Gentleman's Quarterly, The Partisan Review and The Paris Review.

He spent several years living and working on short stories and his third novel in the Chicago area before returning to North Dakota in 1978, where he lives twelve miles outside Mott and raises registered quarterhorses.

An industries program is operating at DWCRC (Prairie Industries) and DWCRC staff have worked closely with DOCRs Roughrider Industries staff on training and contract development matters.Remember many times in the old newspaper, obituaries were printed once a month or once a week.So be sure to search for many issues before and after your ancestors date of death.The NDSU Student Body President, then 22, knew he wasn’t going to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., like others with the grades he had, but he wanted to have a memorable trip nonetheless.“There’s a whole bunch of other suckers just like me that aren’t gonna do anything like go to Florida, so what could we do? After thinking everyone else like him could come together for something big, he took his idea to a Spectrum reporter who asked what the answer might be.