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12 Mar

Please enjoy x) We’ve all had that hot teacher that we all want to get into bed with. so I have this super hot teacher and I swear I think I'm in love but idk if he likes me or not. So we get along really well, it all seems normal but sometimes idk he seems super egar - like one time we were sitting down and he was I...Through my whole school ordeal, I would come across some older female teachers.I'm a little affraid of a teacher named"Miss Johnson"s potential "pop quiz".

It’s no secret that Van Full of Candy is a supporter of hot teachers.I've met more than one attractive teacher, probably more than a regular kid. My junior year of college i had a beautiful and sexy journalism teacher that was about in her mid 30's. Her best feature was definitely her amazing boobs I remember just staring at them during class and not being able to look away...One teacher I had was older, like in her late forties. Brookshire and another world history teacher who is also a coach . the 1st day I saw Mr Brookshire my whole body like felt on bc fire!!! and he does the little side smile thing that drives my body crazy. I totally forgot her name, but she had hair like Courtney Love.It’s a brave, bold stance that we have long taken when ever a poor, misunderstood educator is arrested for doing things that we wish had been done to us in school.Of course we couldn’t possibly defend EVERY apple polishing head mistress every time we heard about another one getting carted away.