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04 Mar

The woman who allegedly threatened to expose Sir Edward Heath as a paedophile has been named as Myra Ling-Ling Forde – a twice-convicted brothel keeper.The 67-year-old ran brothels in Salisbury where the former prime minister made his home after leaving office.As the trial entered its second week, the 31-year-old’s defence team claimed he suffered from narcissistic personality disorder and sexual sadism disorder.Forensic psychiatrist Richard Latham, a defence witness, said Jutting told him he was abused at the historic Winchester College.However, claims of a cover-up could be challenged by the fact that she was subsequently convicted – twice – on prostitution offences, without making public any allegations against the former prime minister.During her 1995 trial at Winchester Crown Court, Ms Forde said that she had become a prostitute after falling behind on her mortgage payments a few years earlier.Other recent high profile legal cases involving Christians include bed and breakfast owners sued for turning away two homosexuals who wished to share a bedroom, and adoption agencies forced by the Government to close their doors after they refused to place children with same sex couples Bishop Scott-Joynt told the BBC’s World This Weekend: “The problem is that there is a really quite widespread perception among Christians that there is growing up something of an imbalance in the legal position with regard to the freedom of Christians and people of other faiths to pursue the calling of their faith in public life, in public service.

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"At the time of the killings, his ability to control his behaviour was substantially impaired.” Mr Latham also said Jutting had become increasingly interested in torture, rape and slavery as things that made him sexually excited.”The risk would be that there are increasingly professions where it could be difficult for people who are devoted believers to work in certain of the public services, indeed in Parliament.“Anybody who is part of the religious community believes that you don’t just hold views, you live them.The Bishop of Winchester, the Rt Rev Michael Scott-Joynt, warned that the death of “religious literacy” among those who made and administered the law had created an imbalance in the way in which those with faith were treated compared to sexual minorities.Highlighting the case Gary Mc Farlane, a relationship counsellor who was sacked by Relate for refusing to give sex therapy to a homosexual couple, he said that the judiciary now went out of its way to protect the rights of minorities.