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15 May

Since the 1950s, the Bermuda Triangle, an area […] A fellow named Alain Ducas posted video that he says he shot in Bangor, Maine from the roof of the Hollywood Casino Hotel & Raceway Bangor overlooking the Penobscot River. More likely it’s the Loch Ness Monster on vacation in Maine.After all, Nessie hasn’t been […] Landon Meier, maker of fantastically realistic (and hyperrealistic) masks introduces us to a wonderfully weird little girl who visits us from the uncanny valley.Harris utilized more than one means to get the children to masturbate, so that he could produce the recordings.For example, some of the victims were made to believe that Harris was a minor-aged girl.

I had only taken care of myself a couple times since I arrived here.

Law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at Harris’s residence and seized several electronic devices – officers discovered Harris not only possessed and distributed child pornography, he produced it, using websites like Omegle and Skype.

Officers discovered that Harris produced a library of child pornography which consisted primarily of juvenile boys masturbating.

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