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24 May

sozzled and crazed by her out-of-control debts at the time, but she had a point.image source Isn’t there a famous quote about buying good beds and shoes because “if you aren’t in one you are in the other”?If you are not wearing an Avokado bra, we would prefer you to wear a recently purchased bra as this will give us a better idea of the fit.Stand in front of a large mirror wearing a non-padded bra.

Surveys and studies showed that more than 70% of women in the world wear incorrectly fitted bras. I was surprised how easy it was to have the fitting via Skype, and the new sizes are great.Have been recommending it, and would definitely use this service again, as living in Wellington and not having a store like Avokado down here means you are always my go to shop... Avokado offers you a free fitting service from the comfort of your own home.She has just finished an undergraduate course at university studying Finance and Banking. Now she only performs topless shows, and she may finger herself under her knickers. Saved me lots of back and forth with postage trying to figure out the right fit on my own.