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17 May

One thing should be borne in mind: unless there are good reasons for giving an exact date, it is better to give a date range for any particular pack, since most examples were produced for a number of years, and in some cases a great many.

A suitable starting point would be the sources we can use in dating any particular pack.

It also seems to me to be unfair (if not illegal) to try to persuade the unsuspecting that they have a pack of, say, 1890, when, in fact, it was made in the 1920s.

Falero had a particular interest in astronomy and incorporated celestial constellations into many of his works.

This particular deck, “Berenice” is taken from a work by the Spanish artist Luis Ricardo Falero (1851-1896) who specialized in female nudes and mythological and fantasy settings.

The code first came into use in 1904 and applies only to aces of spades that bear a letter plus a four-digit number.

Combinations with fewer numbers have no meaning for collectors.