Support groups dating violence

28 Feb

At a time when it may be difficult for us to feel comfortable in the usual social settings, support groups give us a safe place to interact with others.Here we can express feelings without fear of being judged, and ask questions and get responses from others whose experiences may be similar to our own.

Many see anger as a feeling that is contradictory to their faith and "walk in the Spirit." The Bible presents some clear principles on how to manage anger.Few of us have been taught how to live with our feelings.We are taught how to think, but feelings often overwhelm and master the Christian.With spousal abuse, child abuse, violence, depression and other problems on the rise in our culture, it is clear that anger and its potential for evil or righteousness need to be addressed from a biblical perspective.Together this group will take a journey that will provide new and exciting ways to understand and direct your anger to God’s purpose and plan for your life – a healthy Christian life. Wichita, KS 67203 Classes held twice a year in the winter and fall on Tuesdays at -7pm Cost per session or if paid upfront Eight week class that teaches fundamental anger management skills.