Updating escd boot problem

13 Apr

This applies mainly to early motherboards, more commonly referred to as "legacy" equipment.

Some motherboards have a BIOS which allows you to delete the ESCD information from the BIOS after an older legacy card has been removed from the motherboard.

I did the following but the problem is not yet solved: - I changed boot-sequences - I set the bios to default setting - I removed the 80 gb and placed it again I appreciate your help and your comments, in advance.

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j'ai déja eu ca avec des lecteurs, il faut débrancher celui qui ne va pas, windows devrait alors démarrer, comme dit plus haut.

After inserting the old hd, my computer did not boot. I r anemoved the old hd and placed again my own 80 gb hard disk. After Intel logo this massage is seen in the black screen: "updating ESCD ....

success", or only the black screen with the cursor flashing.

J'ai voulu redémarrer, mais plus rien j'arrive sur un écran noir au moment de "Verifying DMI pool Data" et il bloque sur "Boot From CD" (il n'y a aucun CD dans les lecteurs). Master disk : none Pri Salve disk dvd ata 33 Sec master disk LBA, Ata 100 Sec salve disk : DVD rw atat 33 Sec.

Master disk HDD SMART ca ability disabled J'ai testé dep lacé le CD window, il arrive à booter dessus donc je pense que mon lecteur marche ...