Charley webb dating

11 Mar

The 28-year-old, who plays fan favourite Debbie Dingle in the Yorkshire-set drama, admitted that the was not quite read to go back to work after the birth of her son Bowie. Magazine, the Manchester-born star said: "I did walk into my dressing room and burst into tears.”She went on to say: "Thankfully there was no one else in there.

I think it's because the day was finally there and I'd been anxious about leaving Bowie.”Charley added: "It was almost a bit of a relief at the same time, because the date had just been looming."The star has two children with her fiancé and fellow Emmerdale cast member Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David Metcalfe in the long-running ITV series.

Charley and Matthew split in 2013 after 6 years together, but got back together soon afterwards.

In December 2015, Charley gave birth to their second son, Bowie.

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Charley is currently dating Emmerdale co-star Matthew Wolfenden (David Metcalfe).But I’m really looking forward to it and it’s straight in at the deep end. Cain sees something on CCTV and Debbie has got herself in some trouble.Something’s happened and he sees her somewhere, presumably on the news, so it’s very much involved with the Dingles which is always fun. It was all a little bit weird when she left so I’m sure they’ll pick up something. Emmerdale fans can rejoice as Debbie Dingle is heading home and her big return story is packed full of big secrets and high drama.As it emerges that Debbie is in a huge amount of trouble and on the run, Cain and Charity face a big mission to save her.