Dating while legally separated in ct

23 Apr

For example, you can get an overview of what the divorce laws are so you can know what to expect if your case goes to trial.

Hopefully, you're soon-to-be-ex and you can agree on everything.

Connecticut’s specific child support guidelines apply in virtually every case, unless special circumstances are present.

Both parties’ gross income and certain child related expenses are taken into consideration when calculating the child support amount.

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An action for legal separation provides a means by which a husband and wife can divest themselves of the right and obligation of cohabitation.

Couples can separate whenever one party chooses to live apart.

If you are involved in a new relationship or are considering pursuing one during your divorce, it is imperative you consult with a knowledgeable Rhode Island divorce attorney from TJC ESQ.

Having served clients throughout Providence and its surrounding areas for more than 30 years, our skilled legal professionals can provide the guidance you need during this difficult time.

While this desire is understandable, in many cases, it is unwise to enter into a new relationship before your divorce has been finalized.

If you are contemplating seeing someone else during the process of divorce, or if you are already seeing someone new, the following reasons detail why you may want to put things on hold.