Updating from panther to leopard

19 Feb

This work is planned to continue until all preserved tanks (i.e.

those no longer in military service) have been recorded.

updating from panther to leopard-22

As other computers in the house are Mac laptops, the i Mac was a good place to connect the USB printer and share it out for the rest of the network.At long last, I'm pleased to announce that the second volume of PGT went live earlier this week - covering the late war German heavy tanks (Panther, Tiger, King Tiger, Maus, etc.) plus German conversions of Czech and French chassis, plus modern German tanks.The Preserved database has grown to hold 339 tanks and 278 pictures.The first books to be put online were Preserved German Tanks Volumes 1 and 2 (see the links at the top).Then the first chapters of Preserved Tanks in Russia (covering the Kubinka and Moscow collections) and Preserved Tanks in France (covering Normandy and the Saumur armour museum) were added. Since then a large number of tanks and collections have been added covering many countries of the world, including UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, and so on.