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He has also served as a cash management advisor to the secured creditors of a 0 million coal mining and distribution company, liquidation manager for a wholesale floral distributor, acting controller for a textile printer in bankruptcy and controller of a publicly traded golf development and management company. Previous experience includes: Acting controller for a start up medical services company during its initial public offering; internal auditor and senior examiner at Sheraton Corp; senior auditor in a medium sized public accounting firm, and staff auditor at Deloitte & Touche, CPA’s. Kissane has strong skills in developing financial projections, performing business viability assessments, due diligence audits, internal controls reviews, cash flow management and business plan modeling. USHMM Artifact photographs are images of objects in the Museum’s collections.Approximately 20% of the 85,000 historical photographs in the Photo Archives are available through this online catalog. In general, only photographs belonging to the Museum or determined to be in the public domain are featured in this online catalog.Brendan Kissane practiced for six years as a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Integrative Biology The University of California, Berkeley Michael Nachman and the members of his lab study population, evolutionary, and ecological genetics and genomics.Howard Brownstein is a Principal of Nachman Hays Brownstein, Inc.He has specialized in turnaround management for over fifteen years.

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is a Managing Director of Nachman Hays Brownstein, Inc., and has over 14 years experience as a financial advisor, corporate controller, audit manager, internal auditor, forensic examiner, and staff accountant for a “Big 4” accounting firm.

Most recently, he provided financial advisory services to a plastic film and flexible packaging company, a nationally franchised car rental company, a retail apparel chain, a food service equipment manufacturer and a publicly traded coffee retail and distribution chain.

How does a company go from workouts to turnaround status?

(Ref # TM034) Whom to Tell When & How to Say It: Handling Bankruptcy Communication in the Middle-Market The following article is a basic framework for proactive and positive communications to the various stakeholders as a company prepares and files for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.