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The subterfuge enabled him the better to avoid being "nobbled", as he once explained to me, by the great and the good who were anxious to be featured in his column, and sometimes not. While still editor of Y Cymro, and with the paper's photographer, Geoff Charles, but pitiably few resources, he directed Yr Etifeddiaeth/ The Heritage, a feature film shot in black and white with a Cine Kodak camera and shown for the first time, with both Welsh and English soundtracks, in Dolgellau during the National Eisteddfod of 1949.This was not the first Welsh- language talkie - Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards and John Ellis Williams had made Y Chwarelwr ("The Quarryman") in 1935 - but it was the first attempt to make a film to the best possible standards of the day, and it was rapturously received by audiences throughout North Wales, whether in chapel vestries or in the cinemas of the larger towns.It was restored and refurbished from the mid nineteenth century.The castle, together with the walled borough (NPRN 93527), was begun in 1283 and was still incomplete by about 1330 when major work ended.The first part of his autobiography, O'r Niwl a'r Anialwch ("From the mist and desert places", 1991) deals with the history of Bethesda as a Welsh-speaking industrial community that has produced a host of writers, musicians, preachers, teachers, politicians and colourful characters, among them the great, eccentric poet Robert Williams Parry, who had lived next door to the Evanses.

At first, it was ruled as a separate country, but rebellion by Prince Owain Glyndŵr (considered in modern times as the 'Father of Welsh nationalism') saw incremental incorporation into England, being formally annexed through the Laws in Wales Acts 1535–1542.

Two-thirds of the population can be found here, especially in the eastern half.

The western half, frequently referred to as West Wales, is rural and includes some stunning coastal scenery.

It consists of seven great polygonal towers, two turrets and two great twin towered gates, all joined by massive curtain walls tracing a rough figure of eight.

Galleries thread their way through the walls and across the towers.