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06 Mar

The tone lightens during the vacation to the wilderness and the contrast is even more striking.

Each character is given a separate personality by Britton's voices.

"it just is." Istigkeit - wasn't that the word Meister Eckhart liked to use?

"Is-ness." The Being of Platonic philosophy - except that Plato seems to have made the enormous, the grotesque mistake of separating Being from becoming and identifying it with the mathematical abstraction of the Idea.

Tony Britton, the reader, does an excellent job of portraying clinical detachment as the true nature of the human incubators is revealed.Please Don’t Tarry by reserve Ren serves Hux tea, introduces Hux to Force ghosts. I Get Off by robinasynder Hux watches Ren undress via the ship’s security camera system– Ren knows, gets off on it, toys with Hux.technician by decotex Brilliant and very funny Matt fic.Give Me a Shot to Remember by decotex I think this one is pretty well known already, and its reputation as a great fic is very deserved. Doing my duty for the Fatherland and the future, helping Germany regain her rightful place in history, and all that,” Hux concludes, his full lips twisted in an ugly sneer.“If you have to join, then I’m coming with you,” he declares, coming to sit next to Hux on the bed and putting one hand on his shoulder. “If you go, I go too.” Hux facilitates Darth Sidious' return from the netherworld of the Force. Then Sidious finds out that Kylo is Darth Vader's grandson...