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02 May

For detailed information on commands please refer to the man pages of the tools.A secure hash function (a type of checksum) is a method of taking a file and boiling it down to a reasonably short number that will uniquely identify the content of the file, even if people are deliberately trying to create a pair of different files with the same checksum or create a new file that matches a previous checksum.I've discovered that if the package comes from the repo, signed with an unknown key, YUM tries to re-obtain the key using the link provided.If the new key could be downloaded with the old link, it will be added to rpmdb.

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Maybe you can configure Evolution to automatically download keys when needed...

Although, the old key is still remains in the database and could verify the packages.

In recent releases, Debian has been using strong crypto to validate downloaded packages.

Hi, i configured gnupg 2.0.15 on RHEL4 to encrytp e-mail messages. now i am able to generate keys #gpg --gen-keysand export/sent them to SKS #gpg --keyserver hkp://localhost --send-key KEYIDand also recieve them through #gpg --keyserver hkp://localhost --recv-key KEYID and i configured each users e-mail client (EVOLUTION) using their KEYIDes.

When a user receives an encrypted mail from his peer ...